Thursday, February 23, 2012

RLRF Week7

This week was the peak training week for my RLRF 5k.  I say peak, mostly because it is the longest long run (8miles) but the rest of the plan seems to have similar intense workouts for the remaining 5 weeks with "shorter" long runs (6-7 miles).  Since this winter has been incredibly mild, I can only hope that mother nature will play nice on the actual race day (3/31) where I'll test to see how my hard work has paid off.

RLRF Workout 1
10-20 minute warm up
10 x 400 w 1:30 RI
10 min cool down

Christine's RLRF
10 minute warm up (5.5) 
10 x 400 (6.5) w/1:30 RI (5.5)
Cool Down (5.5)

Distance: 5.25
Average Pace:  10:07

I am SO excited to being closer to running sub 10 minute miles for 5+ miles  It's been a long discouraging process, even if I don't PR in the 5k, I am excited to be back closer to my fitness level pre-injury and life mess (aka living in DC)

RLRF Workout 2
1 mile warm up 
4 miles @ 10:11
1 mile cooldown

Christine's RLRF
4 miles @ 10:15

I had a jammed pack weekend and I didn't plan appropriately. Which is mostly an excuse.  I had plenty of time to run on Saturday, but opted to spend my day watching Breaking Dawn and catching up on blogs.  I went out Saturday night for girls night, before driving 2 hours to go to one of my college roommates baby shower on Sunday.  When I finally made it back to Albany, I was definitely tired from sitting in the car for 5+ hours, eating all day, and having a few adult beverages the night before.  But I ended up going to the gym anyways and running 4 miles.  So although it wasn't the 6, it was a HUGE success considering how I had set myself up for failure

RLRF Workout 3
8 miles @ 10:30

Christine's RLRF 
8 miles @10:32

I am most proud that I ran my 8 miles outdoors, without staring at my watch and I still managed to come quite close to meeting the intended pace.  Could I have run faster? Definitely. My ONLY concern was getting in the distance, so coming in at pace was an added bonus.  My full 8 mile recap is here.

Other exciting things to happen this week:
1- I went to Bennington, VT for the first time & found that they are already selling Girl Scout Cookies (hello Caramel Delights and Shortbread!)
2- I didn't have babysit this week which meant 1. I got to watch gossip girl and biggest loser in real time (which is torture to some... but a luxury for me!) 2. go to the Tuesday night yoga class which was awesome and 3. not deal with excessive amounts of child bodily functions. ( I babysit for non-potty trained 1 and 4 year olds)
3- I've been back from Spain for 3months now and finally ordered pictures and created a collage thing, which I'll share when it is completed.
4- I made delicious home made chicken curry in my crockpot.  Yum, next up I'll learn how to make Chicken Tiki Masala!
5. Since I don't have to babysit tonight, I get to go with my oldest/longest friend to pick up her wedding gown from her seamstress!
6.Last but certainly most exciting, I got real mail today!  In the form of a package from Stephanie at Running High Five .  I had won a SweatyBand head band and I am already in LOVE. Thanks again!!!!


  1. So jealous! I have been on the prowl for girl scout cookies for weeks, if you see any in our area let me know!

    1. according to my girl scout cookie app - march 10th!!