Thursday, February 16, 2012

RLRF Week 6

ohhhhh we're half way there ohhhhhhhh living on a prayer.
Ask anyone, this was   is my favorite drinking song.  I love Jon Bon Jovi.  I drove out to Buffalo (from Syracuse) to see him one night with my roommate senior year.  It was everything I could have ever hoped for and I hope I get to see him in concert again in the near future.

Onward to recapping the half way point of RLRF 5k training.
This week I moved the days around a bit.  This was mostly because I was initially planning on running an 8k trail race on the weekend and didn't want to lose out on too many miles.  I ended up DNS because the race required yak's which I didn't want to bother buying since the roads are ice and snow free as we round out of February and winter.

RLRF Workout 2 
1 mile warm up
1 mile @ STP
1 mile easy
1 mile @ STP
1 mile easy
1 mile @ STP
1 mile easy

Christine's RLRF Workout
1 mile warm up (5.4)
1 mile @ STP (6.1)
1 mile easy. (5.4)
Average Pace: 10:28
boring boring room.
I didn't get a chance to get over to the YMCA during the day, (which is when I can monopolize a treadmill for as long as I want without getting death stares.) so I had decided to run on the treadmill in my dad's man cave.  Despite watching TV, listening to music, and having a fan on, I could not get into a rhythm on this run.  I felt so winded and bored that I decided to call a truce and be content with the 3 miles.  I had also run 7 miles the day before which might have caused some of the drama. I believe that if I were at the Y with better air circulation and judging eyes,  I would have sucked it up and continued on.

RLRF Workout 3
6 miles @ LTP

Christine's RLRF Workout
6 miles @ 10:45

This was my run for Sherry which I already recapped here.

RLRF Workout 1
10-20 minute warm up
1600  with 400 RI
1200 with 400 RI
800 with 400 RI
400 with 400 RI
10-20 miute cool down

Christine's RLRF 
1 mile warm up @ 5.4
1600 @ 6.4 (400 @ 5.4)
1200 @ 6.5 (400 @ 5.4)
800 @ 6.5 (400 @ 5.4)
400 @ 6.5 (400 @ 5.4)
10 minutes or so cool down

Total miles 5 
Average Pace 10:12

So what is normally the first run in my week, ended up being my last run.  It was nice to have a shorter run to finish out the workouts.  I felt quite good during all of this.  It's possible I could have tried to go a bit faster but I decided to keep to the plan and see what it can do for me.  I am excited to be halfway done as I've been making some decisions towards my long term running goals.  I am considering training for a full marathon in the fall and will decide within the next week or so if I'll join the local running club in order to train properly.

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  1. Love this song, now I'm going to sing it in my head for the rest of the night!

    Great job this week!