Saturday, February 11, 2012

Life Goal: Eat Vegan for a Week

I like eating healthy, I've been trying to start eating more locally, and I've been reading lots of literature on a combination of both.  There is absolutely no denying that Vegan diets are more ecologically friendly and if done correctly healthier, by still consuming all nutritional needs.

 I decided to make a conscious effort for 5 days to avoid all animal products.  In doing this, I became very grateful that I do not have a severe food allergy that would require this much attention.  It is time consuming to always read the labels (especially on products I know and love) and the disappointment when I find that one of the ingredients is milk.  I did find that cooking vegan is quite easy, the hard part is having healthy options that are on the go.  I plan to incorporate 1 dinner a week that is vegan but I will return to eating chicken, diary and eggs.Everyone is entitled to their own food preference and I am quite happy with being a flexitarian.

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