Wednesday, February 22, 2012

8 mile Success

I am my own worst enemy most of the time.  I'll get a distance in my head and decide that it is too far for me to be able to run.  I start to doubt my fitness levels and my ability, despite the fact that I have been following RLRF quite diligently for the past 7 weeks ( with only a few altered runs).

Despite my negative side pestering me,  I knew that I could survive run my scheduled 8 miles.
The plan was to run .25 to the apartment complex nearby, which is about a mile loop. I figured 8 laps would be more interesting than running the local track 32 times yet still allows for zoning out and also never being too far from home, just in case.  The weather was perfect for running (50 degrees in February is a giant win around these parts)  so I layered up in tights, a tank top, arm warmers and my fleece

After my first loop, I was hot.  I decided it was worth running back home and changing to be more comfortable for the remaining 7 miles.   I also grabbed a water bottle that I then stashed behind a tree and revisited after each mile. Both of these decisions proved to make my run successful. I finished my run in 1:24:23 coming to a 10:33 average pace.  My RLRF workout was meant to be a 10:30 pace, so I am very happy with my efforts.  Especially since the last few runs I've done on land have typcially fallen in the 10:45 pace range.  I was also excited to see that I even managed some negative splits.

Mile1: 10:49
Mile2: 10:25
Mile3: 10:47
Mile4: 10:44
Mile5: 10:42
Mile6: 10:24
Mile7: 10:28
Mile8: 10:04

I'm excited to continue the RLRF process throughout March and increasing my speed and endurance before training for the Hudson Mohawk Marathon.  I'll definitely be in a better position physically and mentally to train properly and reach my marathon goals.  I also want to say a GIANT thanks for all the support and encouragement with my decision to run another marathon.  I'm looking forward to training these upcoming months and sharing it! 


  1. I've never done the full yet. That's the plan this year, though. Hopefully I can take a few cues from you. We'll be going for it about the same time.

    1. excellent I definitely recommend looking into a running club if you aren't already apart of one. Once I get the plan provided from my club I'll definitely share it with you!

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! knocking them down one run at a time!

  3. great job! i'm down to start running together again but I am so slow right now! I don't think I can make the race at the end of march, but hopefully by then my pace will have picked up a bit - that 2 month break did me no favors. I'm also going to sign up for the Lake George/Adirondack Half Marathon, which is, I think, the last weekend in April if you're interested :)

    1. I would be totally interested in running the LG Half BUT it's the day after my friends wedding shower/bachelorette and I know myself well enough that running will not be what I want to do. But as the weather gets better we should definitely run together.