Thursday, January 19, 2012

Christine Vs. Winter

I am not a fan of winter. We haven't been friends since I was 12 and sledding and ice skating were no longer cool. Rather than bitch about it from October to April I moved as far away as I could and still be on the mainland. Yet somehow I've ended up back where I started in cold Upstate NY.

Before moving back, I decided that I would take up winter sports to ease the pain. I don't care for downhill skiing, so I looked into xc skiing and snowshoeing. Shortly before Christmas, I found these gems on EBay for 20 bucks.

I then discovered that people race in these. I like competitive events, so I signed up.
I have since run into 2 problems:

1) I fell flat on my face and broke my nose walking last month, how in the world can I run in these without the same risk

2) we've had almost no snow this year. The most snow in the Capital District area is on my property

Which makes it hard to snowshoe.

In short, winter hasn't forgiven me yet for hating on her and moving south. Currently she's being a cold jerk and not allowing for me to attempt to enjoy the season.

It looks like my snowshoe race will become a trail run, leaving me wishing for an early spring.


  1. I have a snowshoe race next weekend. Even with the milder winter we're having, it's looking like that particular area on the Northwestern part of the Michigan mitten is going to give us enough snow for the race. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, because it kind of defeats the purpose of the mini road trip if it's just a trail run.

  2. i started snowshoeing 2 years, only annually, because i couldn't believe how expensive snow shoes are but i absolutely can't believe how fun it is!

  3. Winter and I aren't friends either and I don't even live where it snows very much. Hope your run goes well!

  4. Yes, we did some snowshoeing races and hikes last year but didn't bother to sign up this year since there's no snow whatsoever. That being said, there are specific racing snowshoes that are A LOT easier to run in that you can rent - if you're going to do a race I'd ask the organizers if they have any for rent :)

    1. If there is actually any snow for the race next month I will check. I didn't want to purchase racing ones if after one event I realized I didn't like the competitive aspect of it. I will definitely look into renting to see if it is an option!