Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Run that Wasn't.

This past week was exhausting.  I had solid workouts Monday-Thursday rest day on Friday with a hard run on Saturday.  I was hoping to have a second hard run today in order to have a rest day on Monday and go back to my preferred Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday training schedule.  After being lazy most of the morning,  I finally forced myself up onto the treadmill to run 6 miles @long tempo pace (10:30) while watching the Giant's game.  I struggled through the first mile and half before stopping for a quick wardrobe change (the perk of having an in-house treadmill) and some water before getting back on for another .72 before calling it quits.  My legs are dead and there was no sense in punishing myself.

I am a bit discouraged that I am only in week 2 of RLRF and I feel utterly exhausted, but I'm hoping it's just because of the intense other 5  days worth of workouts I had this week.   Next week will not be as busy and I will hopefully be able to dominate the workouts then.


I don't quite know how DailyMile works, other than I use it so I can have the tracker on my blog, but apparently it's cool to have friends on there.  So comments and friends are always welcomed.  My user name is Xjcar.

Or, if you have NIKE+ and you're interested setting up a friendly challenge.  My username there is also Xjcar

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