Tuesday, January 10, 2012

RLRF Week 1

With the new year starting and two of my goals for 2012 being related to running a faster 5k, I have started following the Run Less Run Faster training plan for the 5k.  I've been running consistently for the past few weeks so I felt that I was ready to jump into the training program, but this is certainly no couch to 5k.  The first run was speed and totaled in 6 miles. So far all of my runs have been on the treadmill, which I know isn't the same as running outdoors, but running in 20 degree weather isn't an option for me so atleast this will keep me busy until spring and I can get outdoors and do it properly.

Workout 1:

10-20 min warm up
8 x 400 w/400m RI,
10 min Cool down

Christine Runs less to Run Faster
1 mile warm up (11:32)
8 x 400 (8:57)
400 RI (11:32)
1 mile cool down (11:32)

I was tired at the end but not completely exhausted, which is a great sign.  I'm currently following the 5k PR timetables for 30 minutes since it has been nearly 2 years since I've run a 5k.  It's possible that I could speed up, but for now the workout seemed just about right.

Workout 2:

1 mile warm up
2 miles @ short tempo pace
1 mile cool down

Christine Runs less to Run Faster
1 mile (11:32)
2 miles @ 10:00
1 mile (11:32)

Workout 2 required me to run 2 miles faster than I have been.  It's not to say that I can't run at that pace anymore, but I have definitely been a lazy runner for the past few months.  

Workout 3:
5 miles @ long tempo pace

Christine Runs less to Run Faster
5 miles @ 10:30

I had meant for my 3rd workout to be on Saturday, but I then went hiking instead.  I finally took care of it on Monday ( after 3 whole days off!)  I ran 5 miles at 10:30.  Which was effort, but mostly over boredom rather than purely physical.  

Cross Training:
RLRF is big on taking time to do cross training activities and with my participation in KDub's Birthday Challenge & My resolution to make it to yoga once a week I did both.  I swam 1000 yards (which I know isn't much for swimmers, but I'm a newbie) biked 20 miles and also made it to my first yoga class since August.

The book seems to be a bit more serious regarding XT which after the challenge, I'll focus more on hitting the targets they set out. Working out was fun this week and I look forward to following the remaining 11 weeks of the program.  I have a 5k lined up on 3/31/12 which will be where I can see the progress towards my 2012 goals.


  1. I'm such a huge believer in this book and its ideology. I'm sure in no time you'll start seeing your times drop and your speed pick up!

  2. ive read the book but havent followed any of the training yet. I can't wait to hear how you do!