Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Year Resolution Monthly Review

Last year, I remembered to do a monthly recap of my New Years Resolutions for all of 2 months. I also didn't complete all of my goals.  So hopefully this year I'll do a recap at the end of each month AND make more progress than last year.

  • Yoga once a week (3/52) -  I haven't been to yoga each week, but I have gone 3 times in January.  I hope to make up the class this week.  Sadly my YMCA membership expires this week, so I will be on the hunt for one of the livingsocial or groupon deals for some of those unlimited access to yoga studios!  I also have a few videos that I can follow until I figure out my gym membership.
  • Complete a full cycle of p90x-  Haven't figured out when I want to start this yet, currently getting my ass kicked by RLRF so it would be nearly impossible to do both.  But I still have more than 90 days left in 2012 to get this one done.
  • Complete 12 things off my life list-  Sadly due to the lack of winter, I haven't been able to snowshoe or participate in the snowshoe race (which is this upcoming weekend)  Hopefully we'll get some winter, but it doesn't look good.  But I do need to look into knocking off 2 things this month before I get too far behind!
  • Run a 5k in under 25 Minutes  - currently following RLRF.  I am doing a practice 5k this weekend to see where I'm currently at & I am planning on running a second one  at the end of March after I've completed the full 12 weeks.
  • Run a 5k in 21 Minutes (21:59 is acceptable)- while currently training,  I'm seeing how huge of a goal this really is.  I will keep working towards it.  After the next 2 5k's that I run, I may be able to reevaluate my fitness level.
  • Volunteer 1x per Month(/12)- Fail, Fail, Fail.  I was meant to volunteer this month at a local high school, but it was a far drive from my home and even further from the family that I babysit for in the evenings.  I also meant to go to a volunteer meeting at the local animal shelter (which would also work towards one of my bucket list goals)  but got distracted that weekend and ended up not going.  Will make up for it this month so I don't fall any more behind.
  • Read 36 books a year(1/36)-  I've read one book (In Defense of Food- Michael Pollen)  which has completely changed the way I look at what I'm eating.  I'm slowly making the necessary changes to eat less packaged and processed stuff and more of real actual food.  I highly recommend reading this if you have any interest in food politics. 
  • Run 3x a week (12/156)- On target to reach this goal!
  • Workout in the morning once a week.- I'm still debating keeping this goal.  For starters, I am not working regular business hours.  Currently I am babysitting 3 evenings a week.  Therefore, I have my days to get my workouts in.  Ideally I'll find a more regular 9-5 soon and can actually work at becoming more of a morning person.
  • Follow 1 new recipe a week (5/52) -  I am slightly ahead on this goal.  After a few okay meals, I redeemed myself with Chicken Marsala (although I did have help) and with Peanutbutter Chocolate Chip Cookies, which also redeemed my usual inability to even bake the slice and bake cookies.  I enjoy cooking and looking at recipes and with my new found interest in 5 ingredients or less ( from Michael Pollen's book)  It is eye-opening to see what is really going into my body. By cooking more of my own meals I am able to eat healthier and learn some domestication.

I feel that I am at least making progress with some of the longer term goals and I look forward to working towards where I've been slacking a bit. Here's to a new month with some direction.  

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  1. See my most recent entry for a few snowshoe pointers that I hope will help (if you actually get snow, that is)