Wednesday, January 4, 2012

KDub Birthday Challenge Progress

A few weeks ago, I decided to tag along on KDub's birthday challenge  in hopes of spicing up my exercise routine and starting the new year off on a good note.  While it's fairly easy for me to head out for a run or jump on the bike at the gym, it was a bit terrifying to actually put on my speedo (instead of a bikini) and swim (rather than laying on the beach in Spain which I mastered this fall) I've been a member of the YMCA for almost my entire life, yet I still very rarely take advantage of the swimming pool that is included with membership dues.  I know how to swim and once upon a time was considered a strong swimmer ( 15 years later... thankfully at least I can still float)  The pool ALWAYS intimidates me.  Sharing lanes, goggles, and all that jazz always kept me away diving in.  One of the perks of being (f)unemployed is that I can go to the Y during off peak times, today I was able to get a pool lane all to myself as I went for my first lap swim since, well, ever.

Today I swam 20 lengths of the pool (or 10 laps) for 500 yards. It took me about 15 minutes as every few laps I had to stop and catch my breath.  I could have continued, but like any new venture, I didn't want to over do it and then never want to get back in the water.  Especially since I have another 1600 yards I need to complete before 1/12/12.

After swimming I changed into my regular workout gear and headed up to the cardio room to bike a few miles. Surprisingly ( or not since it is the first week of January) the room was quite busy for the middle of the day, but a spin style bike was available.  I went for an easy 10.3 mile bike ride while reading some of my current read In Defense of Food.  I am certainly not going to win any bike races or swim meets any time soon, but it was fun to do some different exercises other than just running.

If you are interested in following my progress towards completing 70.3 within the next few days here is the link for the google spreadsheet.

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