Monday, January 9, 2012

The easy way to PR

This weekend I pr'ed my marathon pace at the Disney Goofy Challenge. What is even more impressive, is that I did it while actually being in Albany, NY.


Prior to traveling in Spain, I had decided to run the Disney Goofy Challenege. My master plan at that time was to move down to my parents house in Florida the first week of January and run the race on my way to my new home. Life had other plans as I traveled (and rarely trained for 3 months) and after landing in my hometown for the holidays, I've decided to stick around for a while.

My close friend Jessie was also set to run the goofy challenge even though she was struggling with some shin injuries. As Christmas neared and the furthest I had run was 9.3 miles, I knew the marathon was out of the question, but had resolved to walk it and enjoy Disney. Jessie finally went to the doctors and discovered that she was looking at a broken tibia if she ran at all while in Disney. After much deliberation, we decided that the trip was financially irresponsible for me (my nanny salary doesn't quite cut it for trips to Disney) and physically irresponsible for Jessie. Thankfully the hotel accommodations were refundable as were my flights. I was a bit bummed about losing out on the 300 dollar entry fee I paid, so I posted on criagslist for any interested last minute runners. With the help of my paypal account and a scanner, I was able to forward the 'new me' all of the appropriate documents and was able to reclaim half of my entry.

I checked on Saturday to see if "I" had been able to run, which "I" did and then again on Sunday to see if she really was crazy enough to run back to back. She had, and even scored me a new full marathon PR.

I am definitely bummed that I didn't get the chance to run it myself this year, but it was the right choice. Instead I went swimming and biking on Friday and went hiking on Saturday before being lazy and enjoying the Giants win on Sunday.

The Goofy Challenege will be there next year, and I look forward to racing it myself.

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  1. how fricken hilarious re the PR!!!

    i am bummed for you though but at least you were able to get some of your money back tho.