Friday, January 27, 2012

Can't win 'em all !

Today's run sucked.
I can easily come up with 4 excuses for why it didn't go well
1. I've slept like garbage the past 2 days & woke up very early this morning
2. I haven't been drinking enough water lately
3. My stomach was growling before I even started to run
4. I went to Yoga before running and my body felt all sorts of out of wack

But in the end, they are mostly excuses.  Not every run is going to be great.  Not everything can go according to plan. I was able to get in most of the run despite feeling completely depleted.
The workout plan was

1 mile warm up
4 miles at 10:10
1 mile cooldown

I started off the warm up with my usual 5.3 and felt off the entire time.  I had just finished my second yoga class for the week ( normally I'm lucky if I make it twice a month)  so I'm not sure if I was just much looser than usual.  I kicked it up to 5.9 and made it through the 1st mile.  After that, I'm not sure if it was my energy level or my confidence that collapsed but at the start of the 2nd mile I needed a break, I dropped my speed down to 5.3 for 1 minute and increased each minute until I was back up at 5.9 for the remaining .40 for the 2nd temp mile.  I did the same for the 3rd tempo mile but started at 5.4 and ended up running .60 of that mile at the 5.9 pace. I suddenly had a burst of energy and was able to keep pace for the 4th mile.  Once I drop back to 5.3 for my cooldown I was bored and tired again.  I had walked to the gym today (.5) so I decided rather than mentally torture myself I'd get off stretch again for a few minutes and walk home.

Overall the run wasn't a complete failure, but it wasn't my best. This weekend will prove to be a bit tiring on my legs as I have plans to go hiking tomorrow and need to get in one more RLRF workout on Sunday.

Any suggestions as to why my legs constantly feel dead even though I get almost 4 days of rest?
Is there something I'm missing? Vitamins, diet changes?


  1. I was always dying during workouts and then found out I was anemic, if I miss a few days in a row of my multivitamin I feel totally horrible - maybe you need to pump up your protein intake too? These are just things that have helped me in the past - and that I continue to work on :)

    On the bright side, at least it was kind of warm today!

    1. I should look into multivitamins now, i have them and look at them daily, but never seem to actually take them. It's worth a shot

  2. when you say 4 days of rest...are they really resting or are you doing other workouts like strength?

    1. Typically mostly rest maybe with a yoga class thrown in somewhere