Sunday, December 11, 2011

Re-Integration to American Life

Despite being (f)un-employed, I've been very busy since returning home.  Thanksgiving was a blur and then I was left on my own while my parents went to go party in Florida ( and they wonder where I get my travel bug from)  I went downstate for a few days, and then back upstate only to drive down to DC for the Hot Chocolate Race.  I did work for  a week with the local temp agency where I read 8th grade writing responses for 7.5 hours a day for 5 days, which was mind numbing boring but will give me a few extra bucks to throw around. I then decided that I hadn't spent enough time on the state thruway by driving downstate for a Christmas party only to drive all the way to the NY/Canadian Border for a housewarming party.
         In between all of this, I've been able to rediscover my long distance abilities.  For nearly a year, I felt that I could no longer run more than 4 miles.  This was mostly because I was trying to run with the same level of intensity I was running prior to my stress fracture.  I found this week, that I can still knock out 7 miles on a Tuesday treadmill run.  My confidence is high, and I'm looking forward to going for a longer run this week.

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