Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Negative splits help negative moods!

I stayed up way too late last night and still woke up too early.  I also decided today that I wasn't going to have any coffee, so I've been crabby and sleepy for the past 9 hours.  With Christmas Eve only 4 days away, it was important that I got out of my house and finally buy some gifts for the ones I love.  I started with Barnes and Noble and had a slightly successful outing there before moving onto a nearby target, where I actually walked through the whole store and didn't buy anything.(fail)  I made my way over to the closest walmart, hoping to be inspired with some cheap gifts for those loved ones ( I do love them, but I haven't worked since June!) I had a repeat of target walking through the zoo of people before giving up and having lunch.  I wandered into EMS and stared at snowshoes for 20 minutes, while contemplating if I would actually use them if I were come up with the money before refocusing back onto my loved ones.  I did finally have some small success at a 5below store where I got cheesy nick knacks.

I was quite discouraged and really wanted to take a nap, but I had dressed in my running top and had brought my tights, so I returned to the Zim-Smith trail for an easy 5k.   I was working quite hard, so I was a bit disappointed when I was finished and saw that it still took me 32:11.  I've been patient with the process but sometimes it's a bit disappointing that I am not back to my peak performance just yet, but I can still run and I am still running, so it will happen eventually.   After loading my watch, I did discover that I had some pretty awesome looking negative splits, which does make me feel a bit better about my ability.


  1. No coffee???
    You deserve a medal just for that!

  2. i completely agree, i won't make the same mistake today!