Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Life Goal: Read The Bible

I should start out with stating that I am not particularly religious.  I did go to a Jesuit Institution, where it was more Catholic light, than the real deal, I once had a priest teach me how to improve my flip cup game during my freshman year.  I also went to a Nazarene graduate school, where I totally didn't fit in due to the dry campus and the whole waiting until marriage thing (sorry mom!).  Yet, I still don't consider myself very religious, I very rarely go to church, but I do try to live my life by serving others (hence becoming a teacher) and helping out others when I can, but that's just being a decent human being.  When I first made my bucket list ages ago I, like many others put on "To read the Bible" as something I wanted to accomplish before my time is up.

I initially started reading it last summer when I was staying in the Young Women's Christian Dorm in DC because I didn't have internet or cable and all of my books were still packed in my car.  After I would go through spurts where I would read it for a few days and not for even longer. I eventually downloaded it to my kindle and read it as a back up while I was traveling.  After 16 months since starting, I have finally finished.


  1. I'm curious to hear your reactions?

  2. It was interesting to read and to get a better understanding where a lot of stories and ideas come from, but I didn't find that it particularly changed my perspective on religion. I know some people find comfort in the bible during hard times, just not for me personally :)

  3. I'm impressed. This is one of my goals and I have yet to accomplish it. We are not very religious as well but have been talking about trying to find a church we could start going to together.