Monday, December 5, 2011

Hot Chocolate 15k Run Review

Shen Alumni @ the Hot Chocolate Run
I used to live in the Greater DMV area, so when my friend Jess said she and some friends were driving down for the Hot Chocolate 15k. I figured I'd go for the ride and visit some of my old stomping ground and friends. I packed my running clothes thinking that I'd go for a run along the mall on Saturday afternoon. After spending 9 hours in the car with all other people running the race, I decided I wanted to join in, especially since I desperately need to get my mileage up for Disney next month. The race was sold out and I didn't want to be a total bandit, so I hopped on craigslist to see if anyone was selling. Fortunately there were a few people, so I purchases a bib off of a women who was about my age, while I know some would still consider that being a bandit, but she was injured and there was no option of transfers or deferments.

Because I had planned to run in the afternoon, I had packed my running capris and a light long sleeve shirt. My full tights, warm shirts, gloves, hat, and throw away sweats were not in my weekend bag. Which ended up being brutal as the race was delayed by an hour and it was very cold. (see other post for all the disastrous events involved with the race)

Despite all of the many obivous flaws with this race, it was fun. There were 4 of us that ran together while I monitored  our pace until mile 6.5 when I felt pretty strong heading up a hill and I had to follow my momentum. I powered through the last 2 miles with even through the last .5 that was up a steep hill. The hill depleted what energy I did have but I pulled myself together to finish at 1:45:14 which is nearly a 5 minute pr from my previous 15k race.

I really like the 15k distance but I would never run this Hot Chocolate 15k event again, even if it were free.

Look at those even splits & faster last 2 miles. wohoo!
Too Cheap to buy the photo but having fun & mildly freezing around mile 8!

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  1. Congrats on the PR...sorry the race wasn't better. I hate being cold at a race - it's the worst!!