Monday, December 12, 2011

Cross Training Fail.

My uncle is an avid hiker.  He has climbed New York states highest 46 peaks several times both in the winter and summer.  I love to hike, but I'm certainly not as hardcore as he is.  He invited me to join him, his friend, and their dogs for an easy hike up in the Adirondacks.  Since I'm (f)un-employed, I figured it was a good opportunity to use some different muscles and get out and see the beautiful state of New York.  To be honest, it looked like I was just going out for a run with boots, since I was wearing my running tights and a fleece.  I guess I would need cargo khaki's to look more authentic, but I'm a runner.

It was an easy drive up, that I slept most of the way, or attempted at catching up on all of my runners worlds, running times, and trail runner magazines from my trip in Spain.  The hike wasn't very technical, not much snow considering it is late December. The temperature ended up being an excellent 40 degrees (as a former socal girl I can't believe I'm admitting that 40 is a decent temperature).

The hike went great, there were some beautiful viewpoints and overall very manageable.  At one point, we hit an area of ice and so we put on what seemed like chains for our boots to traverse over the ice.  (there is a more formal name for it, but I don't remember.)  After making it up the icy patch, we were all too lazy too bother stopping to take them off again, plus, we didn't know if we'd approach another icy patch.  Once we hit the summit,  I was walking along, minding my own business when I stepped on one of the chains with the other foot.  This caused me to fall hard and fast directly onto the slightly snowy, mostly rocky trail.
My hands were holding on to hiking poles (which was the first time I've ever used them before)  and I was unable to pull them out in time before my face met the rock(s).

I am fairly convinced that I broke my nose but was pleasantly surprised that, this time there was far less blood than when I broke my nose 15 years ago.  As I tried to walk towards a sunny patch, everything began to go dark, so I sat down as quickly as possible before I ungracefully fell again on the trail and thankfully was able to maintain consciousness.  I was quite nausea for a few minutes as my uncles friend cleaned my face up a bit.

After the panic passed, I enjoyed my amazing price chopper sub and began to feel human again and well enough to continue hiking.  I took off the chains and just relied on sliding down on my butt anytime it was slick.  It was a beautiful day for a hike and despite the fall, it was a good workout, but I think I'll avoid any more winter hiking and stick to yoga for cross training days from now on.
I didn't have a mirror and I was super curious how it looked

Adirondack Park


  1. Yikes, hope you're okay and it's not broken. I'm actually kind of fearful of slipping and having something happen when I'm out winter running, so I've really been avoiding low traffic areas.

  2. yeah, I'm the same way, I typically only run on the treadmill after the first ice, I guess I didn't realize it counted for hiking for me too. It's shame I'm so damn clutzy.