Monday, November 14, 2011

What I'll miss about Spain

While I am beginning to look forward to returning to the US, there are still plenty of things that I will miss about my time here in Spain.  Since I posted about what I'm looking forward to, it only seems fair that I also include what I'll miss.

Cheap & good wine.  none of this 2 buck chuck from Trader Joe's that is sometimes drinkable.  Full bottles of delicious wines for 4 euro or less.  Cups of young wine for 1e and glasses of nice wine for maybe 1.50.  It is still cheaper to drink wine than the water or a coke.

Despite my dislike for having to weigh my own fruits and veggies, I very much love how cheap they are.  Three tomatoes for .39 and eggplant for .30 it's easy to cook well with such cheap produce.

I'll miss the awkwardness of me trying to learn the language and the small victories when I can get my point across in Spanish (usually with the help of charades)

Farewell temperate weather, hello winter.  Despite the excessive rain the last few weeks, the temperature has been comfortable and I will be in for a huge surprise when it's slushing and I need to wear a winter jacket.

While it seems that Spanards are a bit careless when it comes to trash, especially in the north where more napkins on the ground was a sign of excellent food in a restaurant, the country as a whole does a lot more to be eco friendly than others. (also despite their addition to bottled water)  Most lights are on timers or sensors only being turned on while being used, most toilets have the dual flush options that allow for varying levels of water to be used, and I've come across many showers with automatic timers (while annoying, handy in reminding me to take a shorter shower)

I love naps. I always have and I always will.  I fit in perfectly with the siesta time of everything closing and it being totally acceptable to take a nap each and everyday.

I'll miss easyjet for cheap ways to fly around Europe on short notice.

And mostly, I'll miss meeting so many people from different countries/backgrounds.  I've met some amazing people throughout my travels and I hope that my path will cross with theirs again some day. It's a unique community to be apart of and I'll miss the excitement of meeting new people everyday.

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  1. this is the first year i haven't gone to germany since i was 5, and wow... you just really made me miss it.

    europeans eat healthier because it's priced right. it's the crap food that is priced expensively!

    the siestas and how the spaniards just live life to the fullest. going out to all odds of the night and yet still appearing to work the next day, all bright-eyed.