Thursday, November 24, 2011

Troy Turkey Trot Race Recap

JB and I before the race
I haven't raced much this year, actually only once before today.  Which is a huge difference from years past where I would race almost monthly.  Regardless, I decided to run the local 10k Turkey Trot.  There was a 5k as well, but it's one of the most popular race in the Upstate region and frankly I wanted to eat a lot of stuffing and pie. The added bonus was that the race began at 11am.  My friend Jessie and I headed down around 10am to pick up our chips and bibs after wandering around for a bit the race started.  I had no time or pace goals other than to finish the race and to eat a lot. Jessie and I started out together, but she is a faster runner than myeslf, so after the first 3/4 I dropped back and tried to follow a slower pace.  The course its self was mostly flat and mostly boring run through the neighborhood.  It is not exactly a nice neighborhood, but I've also seen worse.  I was lucky enough to run near an active duty Marine in a full pack who everyone would cheer and chant USA for and I'd pretend it was for me too.  I hadn't done any research on the race so I was disappointed to find that it was a double loop of the same 5k. Some girl had marked me and kept trying to pass me, but ultimately I did finish first. Both myself and Jessie clocked the race at a 6.35.  Which would make my overall pace at 10:57.  But I suppose if they only count the official 6.2 then my pace was 11:18 and I completed it in 1:09:28. There was no PR for me today, but it also wasn't my worst time for a 10k. So overall, I'm happy, tired and thankful today.


  1. You see any weirdly decked out people?

  2. there were a handful of pilgrims and people with turkey hats. I did see one full fledged turkey. unfortunately, I didn't have a camera with me to document!