Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slow Cooker Sunday

Last Christmas my favorite gift was my adorable red slow cooker. The second best gift was the cookbook "Not your Mother's slow cooker cookbook". I attempted to make a handful of different recepies and have been quite successful with slow cooker meals, eventually I'll graduate and start cooking some of my own as well but it's winter and slow cooker trumps.  After gorging on stuffing and pie for the last few days, I figured it was time to start incorporating some veggies and less butter.  After spending a significant amount of time reading through the book, I decided to make Tomato-Black Bean Soup.  Which is a very easy recipe and borderlines on chili. I made a few adjustments based on what was available in my grocery store.  The recipe calls for stewed tomatoes (which I'm not even sure what that is) with green chilies, but instead I ended up with diced tomatoes with green chilies, I figured the ingredients were the same just prepared slightly differently.  I also nixed the corn, not much grosses me out more than corn mixed in my food.

The only work really involved in making this was cutting up the garlic and onions and opening the cans.  I may be a lazy cooker, but THAT I can handle.  After a rew minutes the cooker is ready to be cooked. 

The "soup" ended up being a bit more chili like and less soup like, but still quite delicious, it may have been because I used chopped tomatoes and not stewed or that I should have added some water.  Either way, it was still tasty and super easy to make. Since it has a thicker consistency I made myself a tasty plate of relativity healthy nachos.


  1. i love my slow cooker! although mine isn't nearly as cute as yours!

    i'll have to check into that recipe because i truly only have like 3 or 4 slow-cooker recipes that i use religiously.

    This one is one of my faves..