Saturday, November 26, 2011

Runners High

I have been quite sore from the 10k with no real good reason other than I'm out of shape.  I was concerned that it would set me back even further than I already am for the races in January.  Thankfully, a friend posted on my facebook inviting me to join her and some other girls for a 10 mile run on Saturday. ( check out her blog here, she makes some really awesome stuff on etsy  )They were planning on running a comfortable pace, so I figured I would join up and if I needed to, I'd drop back.  We ran through a new tech park in the area that has an extensive amount of running paths and also some trails that I may explore later this week.  Overall the run was flat with a few hills that became more noticeable the longer the run.  At mile 4 I was still feeling strong, so at 4.25 I turned around to start heading back to the start.  I haven't run more than 6 miles in a while and I didn't want to get stuck walking back.  When I finished, I could have run a bit more but I was definitely losing good form and the run would have become a bit less enjoyable. I kept a fairly solid pace, although at mile 6 you can tell I hit the big hill on the path.

 It's been a while, but I think 8 miles is still my magic number to hit the runners high.  I was feeling so elated for the rest of the day and very motivated to get out there again.  Once I got home, I took a modified ice bath ( very cold water, no actual ice, I'm on a budget :) and popped a few ibuprofen which did wonders to reduce the soreness that I was feeling. Now with the holiday over, I can get serious about eating well and focusing on training so that I can survive the goofy challenge.


  1. They say discretion is the better part of valor, so you probably made the right choice calling it early. At least you still got in some good miles =)

  2. haha, my thighs still hurt so much! but at least I didn't feel guilty about eating mounds of T-Day leftovers that night :)