Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Park Guell and ramblings

Aaaaand this is where my blog will begin to slowly make the switch from a travel blog back to a running/rambling blog.  I have 11 days until I return to the real world.  It's a bit overwhelming.  Initially, I had planned on moving in with the old roommates ( mom & dad ) until  traveling again next summer for the Olympics, and/or also securing a full time job ideally with benefits. ( are you hiring ? )  However,  I was chatting with my mom and learned that my parents plan on shutting off the electricity and draining the house of water for the winter months as they relocate to Florida.  As much fun as urban camping is, I'd prefer heat and  running water despite wanting to live off the grid.  Now upon my arrival home,  I have roughly 2 months to find a job in the greater capital district and be able to afford accommodations. Or I can jump ship to Florida with my parents. I had thought on moving to god's waiting room, but I've decided that I'd prefer to brave the winters once again and give Albany a chance.  So seriously, is anyone hiring?

Life in Barcelona is fun, but certainly no San Sebastian.  My Spanish classes are in the afternoon, so every other day I either go for a run or do a bit of sightseeing.  I had a nice 5 mile run yesterday where I was able to maintain a 10:54 pace.  Obviously I'd prefer my days of running about a minute faster pace and I'll get there, eventually. My goal for Disney is simply survival and to take some really fun pictures.

My legs were a bit tired from my run I haven't run since my second day in Valencia and before that since before Morocco.  Unemployed and traveling does not equal lots of free time for running, despite what I thought when I signed up for Disney.  Today I did a bit of sight seeing, I went to Park Guell, which was amazing.  I definitely plan to go again.  It is easily my favorite spot in Barcelona so far.  The view of the city is fantastic and the park has lots of trails to wander around on, a bit too crowded and hilly for running, but definitely a great place for a good walk.

same castle I saw from Christopher Columbus, but a bit closer now

the north side of Park Guell


park Guell

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