Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mind over Matter

After a (fairly) successful run the other day, I went out feeling a bit cocky.  Naturally, it led to a disastrous run.  I knew it would be, I slept like garbage, didn't eat any breakfast, and barely had any water.  I also started out entirely too fast. (even though my pace doesn't reflect it, I wasn't keeping an even pace) I was running in the middle of Barcelona and felt determined to catch every green light.  At my halfway point, I took a few minutes to stretch.  After that, I ran smack into the proverbial wall.  I kept trying to work myself out with thoughts of mind over matter, but after I hit mile 3 my heart was absolutely pounding, my mouth was dry, and passing out seemed like a better option than running.  It was no longer a mind issue, it was most certainly real.  I slowed down and walked for a bit, caught my breath and then began to run/walk every other block.  I'm not sure my nike+ is correctly calibrated because it certainly felt that I was moving much slower, but for now, I'll pretend it's correct.

Mile 1: 10:52
Mile 2: 10:54
Mile 3:   9:32
Mile 4: 11:17
Mile 5: 10:54

According to the numbers, it doesn't appear to be a disaster, but it certainly felt like one. Not only my legs felt exhausted, my entire body does.  I survived and now I'm strategizing where and how I'll run 10 miles on Saturday.

When I'm not running, sightseeing, or sitting in language class, I spend a significant amount studying.  I've made a lot of flashcards and my vocabulary has increased significantly since arriving in Spain.  Typically I can follow a conversation but when it is  my turn to respond, I manage to forget every word and proper sentence structure.  I know it's common in the language learning process, but I wish I had a little more skill with learning new languages so that I wouldn't be forced to spend my evenings like this:
studying with the help of some gummies

apparently I had himym on my mind when I wrote this flashcard, unfortunately there is no verb for suit up :(

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