Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life Goal: Attend a professional Soccer Match

My bucket list is quite long, but most of the things on the list are quite attainable, it's solely a matter of puting in the time and effort. One of my goals is to attend professional sporting events. I've been to several baseball games, and earlier this year I went to my first hockey game and now I am also able to cross of a professional soccer match. This past weekend, FC Barcelona was playing at home agains Real Zaragoza. I bought myself a ticket and a Messi jersey and went to Camp Nou. On my way in I decided to buy a beer off someone in the street and ended up chatting with a stag weekend from Ireland. After a few beers (which was a great call because they only sell alcohol free beer in the stadium!) I went in and found my seat. I was incredibly high up, but right on the middle line. The game was great. Barca won 4-0 (no surprise considering they are the best football club in the world). It was very fun to be apart of and I'm very glad that I went. I very much enjoy soccer and I wish it was more popular in the US.

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