Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Language School, round 2.

I started my second round of language school yesterday and it definitely doesn't have the same feel as Lacunza.  To begin with, there were only 2 of us taking the placement exam this morning (when I started at Lacunza there were 20+ of us) When I met with Ester at Lacunza for my one on one, despite knowning even less spanish than I do now, she was friendly and made me feel like I was thisclose to being fluent (lord knows that is not remotely the case).  Yesterday, the women told me almost immediately that I should still be in A1 classes (despite being promoted to A2 while in San Sebastian).  I know that there are a lot of gaps in my learning, so it doesn't hurt to return lower and fix what I know before moving on, but it still left a negative taste in my mouth.  I suppose thats the danger in picking language schools; their success depends on their staff and teachers. As for the staff, not impressed.  Too soon to report on the teachers.

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