Monday, November 7, 2011


My intentions to go to Barcelona before my language program started was to do all the touristy things, I know I'll skip out on between classes and socializing with my classmates.  However, mother nature had entirely different plans, when I finally arrived in Barcelona ( after missing my bus while watching it load because it was labeled Barcome not Barcelona and I didn't bother to ask...and sadly the next bus was 4 hours later.)  I checked into my hostel and got settled.  The next 4 days were so gloomy and gross, that I spent most of my time reading one of the books in the hostel library. At one point I wandered around and looked at the Sagrada Familia and just got a feel for the neighborhood and then also went on a scavanger hunt for some of the Guadi houses throughout the city.

The weather held off just enough for me to go to the Sagrada Familia and wander around outside as well as paying the 12 euro to go in.  Its a fascinating building and there is a vey interesting museum down below that follows the process the building (it's not scheduled to be completed until 2026 or so). Personally I found it very interesting to see the stages and of this massive structure, since all of the other catedrals I've been in don't have so many records of the work thats is involved.
Sagrada Familia

I spent friday evening at a live music show for a guy (Joe Driscoll) from Syracuse, which lead to most of the people there to be from NY as well, it was a very good show and I would definitely check him out on facebook or you tube.

Finally, for a bit on Saturday I left the hostel for more than 2 hours.  I brought some stuff to my new place I'm staying at while I'm in language school and then walked along La Rambla.  I went up to the top of Christopher Columbus statue, which had some really amazing views.  I definitely didn't accomplish nearly as much as I had hoped by arriving 3 days early, but I met some really great people in my hostel and began to get a good feel for the city.
Christopher Columbus apparently pointing in the wrong direction

view of Sagrada Familia from Christopher

place i went running back in September 

La Rambla 

Barcelona & a castle on the rooftop

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