Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And that's a wrap.

After an amazing 83 days, my Spanish journey has ended.  I left Spain early Monday morning and headed back to the great USA.  Apparently calculating time differences and flight times are not my strong point, as I was under the impression that my flight would be 5-6 hours, when in fact it was 8.5.  The flight wasn't full, so I had the row to myself and was able to sleep in between watching 3 movies (the Help, Friends with Benefits, and Bad Teacher)  before landing in NYC where I met a friend for the evening/day before heading to my parents house in Upstate NY.  While my whole trip was absolutely amazing, there are handful of things that will forever stand out.

In no particular order

I was uninspired originally from Barcelona, until I found Park Guell.  I love parks in general, and this one had a spectacular view.

During my first week in San Sebastian, I went to paella with a handful of other people, not only was the food delicious but the company was wonderful as well.

I didn't particularly like the city of Bilbao, but both trips I took there were totally awesome, the first to see the bike race and then playing in the fountain and the second actually going to the Guggenheim and having fun taking pictures.

The same night as my first trip to Bilbao, we stopped and had a nice picnic on the beach during sunset and the evening.  It was absolutely perfect.  I look forward to the day that I get to see those people again.

I loved the club Ezpala as much as all of the other lacunza students did it was always fun to go to a club where you knew/recognized people and it didn't hurt that the bartender didn't charge me for most of my drinks.

The Graffiti hostel in Barcelona felt like a second home.  I enjoyed spending time with the staff and the other travelers were often from a variety of countries (where as some hostels were usually Americans or UK folks)  Was it the nicest hostel in Barcelona? No. But it definitely had character.

When I was in Toldeo, I hopped off the main road and found a hiking trail along the river.  It was absolutely beautiful.

While staying in Cadiz, I was woken up on a Sunday morning by a procession of the virgin Mary to church. The tradition just blew me away.

The sunset picnic at Jesus.

The tapa's place recommended to Canadian Matt and I in Sevilla (Pulpo is in the name, if you ever travel there, email me and I can tell you the address!) When we were there, the owner gave us  some Orujo de Galicia and explained the  history of the drink to us.  It also didn't hurt that the food was AMAZING.  

Seeing camels and surfers in the same place in Essauoira, Morocco 

In Sevilla, I went on my first and only hostel pub crawl and had an absolute blast dancing, which comes in second in terms of dancing to my final night in San Sebastian where my friend Til and I did our best to swing dance.

The day I spent with my aussie friends in Gibraltar was fantastic.  The view was spectacular and felt great to hike around the massive massive rock.

I could keep listing for days, and I may continue to add things as I reminisce. My Spain (and Moroccan) adventure was absolutely perfect.

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  1. i can't believe it was only 83 days!!! so glad your back and safe!