Wednesday, November 2, 2011

3 Parts Valencia

Valencia is a decent size city, especially when you try to see all of it on foot. There are 3 distinct areas that are must see. As fellow blogger Rebecca recommended to me, it is a must to try the Aqua de Valencia ( hint: it's not just water).

1. The city center & what I would call parte viaje. It's where you'll find all of the old and beautiful stuff. This is also where my hostel was and where I did my walking tour.

fancy sidewalks

former city gates

a miss mash of stuff used to build the arch.

2. La ciudad de ciencas which is a significant hike from the city center, but relatively close to where my friend Oscar lives. I spent ALOT of time the next few days wandering around here and using the free wifi in the park. I also splurged one day and went to the Oceanografic (aquarium).

3. Even further from the city center is the beach, it's strange to me that there isn't more life down there. It's a beautiful beac lined with restaurants and a few hotels. This is also the location of a formula 1 track. I spent my last full day enjoying the great weather (27!=94) although I think it was more like 22.

lovers write their names on a lock and i assume throw away the key?  very romantic!

flowers in the sea for Todos los Santos (November 1st)

door fail.

walking along the formula 1 track 


  1. have they cleaned up the beach yet?

    when i was there several years ago, it was so dirty. garbage everywhere.

    and i'm so glad you liked the agua de valencia! i make a batch every summer!

  2. the beach was pretty clean when i went, but it's low season, so its probably in a bit better shape than before.