Saturday, October 29, 2011


I had posted on facebook that I needed suggestions to fill a few more days of my Spain trip before landing in Barcelona for my final two weeks.  Several people suggested that I check out Toledo, which is a 30 minute train ride south of Madrid.  The whole city is an Unesco World Heritage, so I figured I might as well.  Because it is a small area, there are very few hostels and even the one that is there is quite expensive in the world of dorm rooms.  I met a few girls on my flight from Marrakesh to Madrid that were also heading there, so I booked a bed and made my way south.  The town is absolutely adorable and I wish I had planned a bit better to stay for a few days.  I very much liked wandering on the cobblestone streets and walking along the river.  Sadly, the hostel was booked for the following evening, so I was only able to spend one day there.  I would definitely return for a little bit longer the next time I tour Spain.

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