Friday, October 14, 2011

Sevilla Days 5 & 6

 I ended up in bed around 5  after the night out dancing, yet still woke up ready to go at 9 am. Despite getting up early, I did next to nothing again the during daylight hours. At one point my new Canadian friend and I decided to go to the supermarket and grab some food. Thankfully, he's quite good at cooking and I'm awesome at watching so that together we (he) made a delicious meal mostly made of veggies, which have been totally missing from diet these past few weeks. We eventually got our acts together and walked to Plaza de Espana.

Which was awesome. Going at night had the added bonus that it was very pretty and not busy. We hung around for a while before heading to a tapas place a fellow backpacker recommended. Never in a million years would I have wandered in there and I'm thankful that we took Henry's suggestion. The owner ( I presume) gave us a free shot of Orjuo. ( which I think is honey and some sorts of very strong alcohol.)   He was very friendly and explained a bit of the tradition of the drink.( in Spanish, so I only caught half) after, Matt and I were faced with trying to find out how-to get from the Tapa's place to the flamenco show.

 We did find it, but it was a serious effort. We had missed the dancing portion, but we were there for some singing and guitar which was still very cool. It was in the same location I had gone to Monday, so but in a smaller room and felt more "real" and less touristy.

Typically when I change cities, I've done it in the middle of the day because of the long rides, since Cadiz is only 2 hours away, I decided to stick around in Sevilla and sightsee a bit more to make up for being such a bum for 2 days. Matt and I went to go to the Alcazar, but the lines were quite long so we decided to wander around  first.
narrow street in the Jewish quarter
  He told some of the good stories that he had heard on his walking tour (his tour guide was a million times better) and we stopped for some tapas before actually heading into Alcazar ( the student card trick failed again !) but it was worth the 8 euros to walk around.

pretty flowers inside 

view towards the Catedral

Really big doors with smaller doors inside.

 After a fairly productive day in the city I ventured to the train station to head to Cadiz. I unfortunately missed the 18:06 train so I am currently stuck waiting for the one at 20:00. But no harm or foul, just a bit extra time to charge my toys and still around looking homeless.

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