Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sevilla days 3 & 4

Originally I had planned to stay in Sevilla for only 2 nights. But after the first night, I decided to extend for 2 more nights, which ended up being 3 nights. I spent day 3 walking through the Catedral (which is the one of the largest in all of Europe. And also has 10% of Christopher Columbus remains) with in the Catedral is Giralda which was a minaret of the mosque that was there first. The climb was easy as it was a ramp instead of stairs to allow for horse riding to the top. Obviously, the Minaret offers some of the best views in all of Sevilla.
the ramp don't be fooled, there were a lot of them. 

view of Sevilla

more Sevilla

 After the Catedral, all I wanted to do was buy some ham, cheese and bread and hang out in the Plaza de Espana. However after walking for almost an hour just to find a supermarket I was starving and too hot to try to find the Plaza. I settled on a park bench and enjoyed my food before a bird pooped on me and I took that as my indication to move on. After a very long walk home ( I had ended up about 3 miles from the hostel ) I took a very well deseved nap. The evening was rather low key,  I ate the hostel cooked dinner and enjoyed a few beers and a few drinking games on the roof terrace of the hostel.  We had intended to go out since we knew it would be quite busy with the following day being a bank holiday, no one seemed to get their act together enough to make it happen.  Which was probably the better move.

On day 4 I did nothing during the daytime. Hung out in the hostel, and spent sometime in the swimming pool. The sister hostel was offering a jam session, so I went over and ended up playing some intense drinking games with some Aussies. We all decided to do the hostel hosted pub crawl but, it was a bank holiday, which means most locals had gone out the night before and were taking it a bit easy that night, but it didn't matter to us. I made friends with a few Americans and had a blast (as usual) on the dance floor. Eventually the club closed and thankfully the guy in charge of the pub crawl left with us and we didn't get insanely lost on the super confusing Sevillan streets.

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