Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sevilla Days 1 & 2

After being relatively unimpressed with Madrid, I considered just hightailing it back to San Sebastian, but instead I headed down to Sevilla, which is about 6 hours (by bus) south of Madrid. I checked into my hostel, which is gigantic and amazing.  There is a pool on the roof, as well as a bar and plenty of common areas.  The hostel was hosting a tapas & flaminco show tour for 8e.  Not having anything better to do,  I hopped on board.  The tapas were good ( not great) I ordered Solomillio a la placha which had been my favorite pintxo from Astelenas but this one wasn't as great.  It was well done instead of rare and definitely didn't have the same flavor.  After a very confusing walk, we ended up that the Flaminco place.  The show was very simple yet beautiful. The was one man playing the guitar, another signing and clapping, and a woman dancing.  We were a bit late so we missed the first half of the show, but it was still very interesting.

The hostel offers a free walking tour, so I figured it would be a good way to see the city without aimlessly wandering on my own.  But, I was definitely disappointed.  The guide Will from Melbourne brought us to many beautiful little spaces in Sevilla, but avoided many of the main attractions due to his own personal reasons. He wouldn't bring us to the bullring because he felt that it was immoral.  While I agree, it is still a HUGE tradition in Spain, and while I don't want to see a fight, I would like to see the ring.  He also told a lot of unnecessary history.  He spent 20 minutes or so discussing the Spanish Inquistion, which is important to hear, but it wasnt relevant to the tour he was giving.  After that, I was tired, hungry and hot ( it was nearly a 3 hour tour about nothing)  so I went to lunch with two girls that had also been on the tour.  It was tasty and after eating I felt a bit more human.  I spent most of the evening, just relaxing before heading up the the roof to relax with a few beers.  With the weather still in the mid 20s (70s)  it was a perfect way to end the evening.
parking spots for horses from days gone by

Don Juan with a bottle of whiskey

Orange tree?  I thought it was a lime but I may be wrong...

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