Saturday, October 15, 2011

running tour of the port of Cadiz

I was able to wake up at a decent hour (9am) and head out for a few miles.  Although I haven't blogged a bunch about my running, I've managed to get a few miles in each week.  I know I'm not training at the rate I should be for the Disney Goofy, but I am walking close to 10 miles a day in aimless sightseeing and getting lost, so hopefully that will account for something. Now that I am back at the coast, I figure most of this week will be mostly running and beaching.  It was a bit windy during my run, but felt good from the rather stale air in Sevilla.

huge flag & lots of wind

Cadiz is a major port into Spain, so the first portion of my run was not exactly scenic, unless you really enjoy logistics and shipping materials.

But then I found this view 

And this

and I ran up here above the road overlooking the coast

and having fun with shadows

I ended up running 3 miles quite slowly.  My legs felt dead the entire time.  I was hoping they would loosen up, but they didn't so I didn't push it and stopped.  My aim tomorrow is to run 4 depending on how my legs feel.  I may need to start ice-bathing after all of my touristy sightseeing each day to help recover quickly!

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