Monday, October 17, 2011

Rest & Run

It's amazing what taking a day off from walking and taking a few days off drinking can do for a run.   I also had the hostel staff fix the shutter and slept with a fan on last night.  I still didn't sleep through the whole night, but it was certainly one of the best nights of sleep I've had while sleeping around in Spain.  I woke up around 10 for breakfast  and took my sweet time.  Since I avoided walking too much yesterday, my legs felt the freshest they have in a bit.  It doesn't hurt that I've managed to eat vegetables the past 2 days and avoid alcohol.

I was contemplating skipping my run, like I always do, but ended up chatting with a guy from Belfast that is a pro cyclist.  So rather than coming up with an excuse of not to run, I laced up and went out for 40 minutes.  I actually maintained an even pace because I returned to my starting point at exactly 40 minutes.  I added a few minutes to round out to an even 4 miles.  I'm still not running my 9-9:30 miles from 2008/2009 but I know I still can if I stick to it.  While traveling, my biggest goal is to simply get the miles in regardless of time.  I know that Disney Goofy is not going to be a PR race, but it will definitely be fun!

I ran along the boardwalk near the beach.  The tide was out enough, that if I had packed my vibrams, I would have definitely run in them today, but atlas, my lowe alphine could only fit so much!

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  1. ooohhhh...are you planning on doing the Goofy challenge?

    how very bad a$$ of you!