Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marrakesh, Morocco

On Sunday, we did a bit of shopping, enjoyed some atai  (moroccan mint green tea) and began the drive inland to Marrakesh. We were hopeful we would see some Aregan Tree Goats, but luck wasn't on out side. I'll have to return someday to see them.

The hotel we are in (Riad  El Finn) is about as far as you can get from a hostels.It was a nice change to have my own queen bed and shower. Sunday evening we went to dinner before walking around the main square, which is now a Unesco world heritage spot (and also the location of a suicide bomber about 5 months ago). It's a completely different world from Spain and a different planet from the United States. I was definitely on sensory overload.

We were a bit slow waking up on Monday but eventually made our way out to see some of the major sites. Marrakesh is a very interesting city. The medina, where we were for the majority of the week doesn't look like much has changed since the walls were initally built.  The only difference is what is being sold. We went to a beautiful, but way overcrowded botanical garden outside of the Medina walls and then to another garden which lacked any kind of charm before finding the old school within the Medina.  The weather turned on us and left us running through the streets back to our hotel for warmth.

The weekend was fantastic and definitely a new experience.  I'm glad that I was able to make a quick trip there, although the country most certainly deserves more time than 5 days.

my private terrace also where my sister manage to lock me in my own room. 

the sister to the one in Sevilla


flowers that look like paper

a former school within the Medina


  1. oh my beautiful!!! as a westener, any issues being out there?

  2. I didn't notice any, I was a bit on edge with the incessant "come look in my shop" but for the most part everyone was very friendly. Thankfully most people can speak some english, since I don't know any French or Arabic!