Tuesday, October 4, 2011

IH - Lacunza

When deciding on a language school, its hard to know if it is going to be a good fit.  Unlike college, you can't really visit and the level of fun depends a lot on the other random people that have decided to enroll.  While I was looking for a school, there were only a few reviews available.  All of them were on the schools website and were obviously very positive.  I ended up choosing Lacunza primarily because they had a nice, user-friendly website and a facebook page.  This seemed to be enough to equal an excellent fit.

When I first enrolled, the staff quickly replyed to any emails I had and were very understanding as I dealt with my bank that kept declining the charge.  I received confrimation on my housing a week before with instructions on how to pick up my keys.  (even with what I needed to say in Spanish)
On the first day, I took a placement exam and spoke with an instructor before being placed in the t appropriate level.  I'm not quite sure their formula for deciding, but they did an awesome job puting me in the right class.  My class was filled with great people that worked quite hard, but also had a lot of fun as we stumbled through a new language.

The school did a welcome party at the bar the first evening, which was a great way to meet a lot of the new and current students.  After that, although the school did sponser other events, I typically hung out with my new friends on our own.

It was very convient that the school organized my housing, but I didn't completely love staying with a local.  I would have prefered to be with other students but since I rarely saw my host, it wasn't much of an issue.
Did I become fluent? No, but I definitely learned quite a bit and I feel more confident than I did 4 weeks ago.  The instructors were fantastic, obviously some were better than others.  Esther and Rosa were the best, Fede was the most fun, Carmen was very sweet,  and Klara was okay, to be fair, I only went to 2 of her classes because I was sick, but she lacks the same experience and enthuasium as the other instructors.  I did feel that all of the instructors were knowledgeble, patient, and truly wanted me to learn their language.
I 100% recommend Lacunza and believe it is worth every single euro spent.

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