Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hop on Hop off

I slept like garbage last night.  I couldn't find my eye mask and the shutter was broken for the window.  With there being a massive street lamp just outside the window, it was hard to get into a deep sleep.  Naturally, when I did, I was woken up by a very sweet sounding song being sung outside.  It took me a few minute to determine what that music was real and not apart of my dream.  Once I established that, I stuck my head out the window to investigate further.  I saw a preist and some followers with big lanterns singing.  It was early (7:30) when they had stopped directly in front of the hostel.  Two other girls in my room also poked their heads out to see what was going on, a minute later a massive Virgin Mary on a platform being carried by a bunch of men turned the corner onto the street.  I quickly grabbed my camera, but was only able to get the back side of the statue.

After all the excitement, I struggled to fall back asleep, but was too tired to attempt to go for a run.  I had walked yet another 10+ miles yesterday and my body was suffering.  I laid in bed for another hour before finally getting up for the day.  Rather than walking, I decided to do what any warm blooded American would do to sight see,  I took one of the double-decker red buses.

super excited about the awesome red hat i got. ( and mildly crazy looking)

It was a nice break from all the walking and I hopped off at most of the good spots. Despite Cadiz being one of the smallest cities it was worth the 15e to have done something other than wander around all day.
low tide.

Cadiz is the oldest city in Europe and even still have dinosaurs!!

an old Roman Theatre
Later, after several failed hours of trying to figure out how to get to Gibraltar, I hopped on the red bus again for a ride to the beach.  The beach isn't far but hell, I paid 15e I might as well get an extra ride out of it.  My goal was to enjoy another sunset, but the flies were driving me mad.  I gave up and went back to the hostel to cook my delicious dinner.
yum. eggplant, pepper, tomato, and a lot of garlic with olive oil and a bit of cheese
 After I caught up with my Canadian friend again from Sevilla in attempts to catch the sunset.  We just barely saw the last centimeter go down, but the sky looked great regardless.

super annoyed that I just learned that my camera has panoramic 

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