Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The previous day I had mentioned to my Aussie friends that I met in Sevilla that I was thinking of traveling to Gibraltar for the day. They were also interested and asked if they could tag along. Since it's always nice to travel with others, I was excited for the change from sightseeing solo. Despite the tourist desk and lonely planet suggesting we take the 10:15 bus to the rock (which arrives at 13:30ish) I was determined to get a full day. Instead o ftaking the direct bus, we took a bus to Algeciras before switching to a city bus that brought us to the border. In the process, we met Andres Russian born who now lives between Austria and Omaha as a professional tourguide.

We enjoyed a "proper" English breakfast, as Gibraltar is still a UK territory. After we started walking up the rock and continued to do so for the remainder of the day. As a tip to anyone that finds my blog as they are planning to backpack to Spain: the 10 pounds entry is not worth it. There are 2 additional options: 1. pay for the walkers pass or ., sneak in behind the church up the union jack stairs. The walkers pass is currently only E.50 so it's manageable, but the second was a tip that we received by two very helpful locals.
Out of all the sights that the E10 pounds included, the only one slightly worth it was St. Michaels cave. And to be honest, if you've ever been in any other cave- this one is just average. until you begin to think about the massive rock that is above you, and then it's quite awesome.

Anyways, the views were spectacular. We walked ing the trails, hiked up ALOT of stairs and came into contact with a lot of monkeys. At one point we started scaling up some rocks trying to get to the highest point we could safely. It was magnificent. It took some effort figuring out how to descend the rock but we for down with enough time for some fish and chips before catching the final "direct" bus to Cadiz.

Overall, it was an amazing day. Worth waking up early and the views were worth the E10 even if the attractions weren't.

Monkeys at a safe distance

chaos. what happens when you feed a monkey.

rough life.

Gibraltar Rock!

would you not like to be sitting on top of the world with your legs hanging free

and of course a jumping photo on the rock!


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  1. Christine! Thanks for finding my blog! I'm definitely interested to see where your life takes you. And maybe I can get some pointers on amazing jobs that allow me to travel ;)