Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fails

My roommate in Toledo closed the shutters and our room was an amazing cold dark cave which lead to me opting to stay in bed and sleep longer rather than going for the run I had initially planned on. (fail)

Despite searching for every available option, I was destined to return to Madrid for the 4th time in one month to catch a bus to Valencia (fail)

I hadn't paid attention to where the major bus station was in Spain so I headed 7 stops and 2 train changes before realizing I was on the opposite side of the city I wanted.  It was a 12 stop ride back to get to the real bus stations. (fail)

I bought the last ticket for the 15:00 bus to Valencia (win)

The bus was completely full for the entire 4 hour ride (fail)

The guy next to me was semi-homeless.  and was drinking a very strong mix of vodka and cola that I gagged every time he took a swing (fail)

Said semi-homeless man managed to buy 6 more beers at the rest stop and drink/spill the all over the place (fail)

As I was checking into my hostel, I learned that I actually booked Saturday and Sunday night, not Friday evening. (fail)

Fortunately, they had a bed available so I didn't need to shuffle around the city to find a bed.  (win)

But, I need to go through the entire check out process tomorrow and check in again because I couldn't get the same bed two nights in a row ( fail.)

I went to get paella from the hostel and also ordered a sangria, the meal came to a whopping 6 euros and I only had a 5 in my pocket.  No Sangria for me (fail)

Overall, not my most successful day ever but it could be worse.

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