Thursday, October 6, 2011

Final Days in San Sebastian

Unfortunately, I spent my orginial last few days sick and in bed.  Because of this, I decided to extend my stay by a few days to finish recovering and to do a few touristy and fun things before leaving for Madrid.  On Saturday I went to Bilbao again, but this time with Sanna, Josha, and Megan.  We actually went inside the Guggenheim instead of playing in the fountain, but only after playing on the playground for a half hour first.  The museum was much nicer than I expected, and it's always nice to get a little culture, even if I don't really care for modern art.

the best playground I have played on ever.

having a little fun in the Museum 

After the museum, we walked to the old town and had a few pintxo in the plaza.  Our timing was a bit off so most of the stores were closed while we walked around, but no one was dying for a shopping day, so it worked for us.  After heading back to D/SS I checked into my new hostel for the next few days.  I spoke a little spanish with hostel Mom before getting ready to go to Ezpala for the night.  As usual we had a blast, even though there weren't as many Lacunza students as previous weeks.

On Sunday, I went for a walk along Zurriola and Monte Urgull Mendia before landing on the beach for the afternoon.  We went to Astlena for pintxos (which ended up being a good call, as it was closed for the rest of the week)
Zurriola Beach/ The surf beach

View of Parte Viaje and Centro

surfers & sailboats ( not sure where the surfers were going.....)

I  spent most of my morning on Monday figuing out how to mail back my clothing to the US.  The women at Mailbox ect told me that I couldn't send use clothing to the US.  I couldn't/and still can't understand why my clothing couldn't be sent to it's home but rather than fighting with her, I left and went to Correos (the National Postal system) and lied on customes and mailed it out.  It ended up costing me about 57 euros, but to have a lighter bag and the value of the clothing inside was definitely worth it. I eventually made it to the beach and enjoyed the fantastic weather.  We decided to go to the top of Monte Urgull Mendia for sunset and some dinner, which was something I had wanted to do my entire time here.  It was fantastic and fun just hanging out with Josha, Till, and Megan ( even if I am the grandma to them)
sunset from Monte Urgull Mendia

playing with the settings on my amazing point & click

having a little fun with shadows

My mission on Tuesday was to get a bus ticket for Madrid which ended up being quite easy because the bus company had a self service machine, so butchering Spanish wasn't necessary.  I spent yet another beautiful day on the beach and closed the evening out with one final night of San Sebastian pintxos, when we discovered that Astelena was closed, we went to another place that was a top choice recommendation from my friends at Lonely Planet.  La Cuchilla de San Telmo.  It was amazing. I bit expensive, but worth absolutely every prenny.  We spent some time in the plaza enjoying some drinks as our group grew from 4 to 8 people.  After went to some bar with amazing drink specials 2 beers for 3 euros- we started to get antsy to dance so we left to go to our favorite Ezpala,  unfortunately the dance floor was empty and the we were the only ones there.  We opted to have a drink before heading somewhere else.    Xabi recommended that we go to BeBop which turned out to be a good choice.  Till and I tore up the dance floor and had an absolutely blast, finally around 3 am I rounded up the kiddos ( again I was abuela for Megan and Oliver)  and went home.I didn't expect a lot for my last evening, so I was happy that it ended up being so much fun.  I am quite sad to leave San Sebastian and the people I have met here, but I am excited for the next leg of my trip.

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  1. haha you were the amazing older sister! (: <3 We miss you here in D/SS! hope you are continuing to have an amazing time and I am going to have so much fun following your blog through out (: