Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Essaouira, Morocco

After spending a relaxing week at the beach in Cadiz, I packed up and headed back north in order to catch my flight to Morocco. Anyone with basic knowledge of geography is instantly confused about why I would travel from Cadiz north only to go back south in Morocco, especially when there is a ferry from Tarifa to Tangier. However, I was meeting my sister and bother(in law) in Casablanca and it was far easier to fly from Madrid rather than taking a ferry and the bus/train to meet up. My flight was rather uneventful. Once I made it through customs. I meet up with my sister and her friend Dan, that she has met while traveling in Vietnam last year. We went back to his house for the afternoon while he finished working before making the drive to Essaouira a seaside village 4 hours south of Casablanca. Morocco is an entirely different world. Although Essaouira is a seaside and touristy town, it is still very conservative and many of the women are varying degrees of traditional Islamic clothing.   We had an excellent weekend with Dan and his friends Zu and Sofia. It was great being there with Moroccans as it helped with the language since I don't speak French or Arabic. It didn't hurt that they were a really fun group of people.
lots of fishing boats

my sister & I 

just one of the many streets within the medina

having a moment with Cappuccino the Camel

sunset off of the west coast of Africa!

Sister & I

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  1. I am so excited you left a comment on my blog! Can't wait to read about your adventures!!!! And thanks for the congrats! :)