Monday, October 3, 2011

All Natural Remedies

This past week was quite hard for me, I was struggling with my asthma and very overwhlemed with being alone in a foreign country.  The pharmacies here are very different than the typical CVS. Instead of roaming the aisles, you speak with a pharmist to get ANY over the counter medicine.  The customer service is great, but for someone who is severly doubting her Spanish speaking ability, it was very intimidating.  I made my friend David go with me to ask for cough syrup because I was to afraid.  (the cough syrup, btw does not work. at all.
A few days later, and my cough had not improved, I built up the courage to try to see a doctor.  I walked all the way to Parte Viaje figuring that it is such a touristy area, they would speak English.  They don't and because I am not an EU citizen ( and therefore don't have universal health coverage) they wouldn't accept me.  Dejected I walked home to figure out what my next step should be.
I ended up trying some old fashion home cures.  And, they definitely seemed to do the trick.  I stuck my face in steam for 15 minutes a few times ( which was also great for my skin) but it helped smooth my poor throat and break up congestion.  I also started eating honey to reduce the trickle in my lungs/throat that was causing obnixous coughing fits.  Finally, within a few days, I started feeling better.  I am still coughing some, but not enough to interfere with going out and enjoying my last few days in San Sebastian

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