Sunday, September 4, 2011

Weekend Update

I was a whole lot of lazy this weekend, but thankfully I can blame it on the weather.  I woke up on Saturday and it was downright soak you to the bones pouring.  The kind of rain that no matter what you do, you'll end up wet.  So, I laid in bed and finished reading Into Thin Air - which I believe is Jon Krakauer's best book with Into the Wild a very close second.  Eventually the weather broke and I actually got myself off the bed and out for my first long run of my Goofy Challenge Training.  It was meant to be an 8 mile run, but the loop I went ended up being 7.36.  My whole body ached for much of the run, I'm not sure if its because I'm running on a lot of cobblestone and hard stone/concrete or the futon I'm sleeping on is making my body stiff, either way, I need to do a few yoga stretches and loosen up. I wanted to quit around mile 4 but I stuck it out and definitely found my second wind around mile 6.  There is still alot of room for improvement, but considering the week I had, I'll take it!

On Saturday I went to the boat race I knew that it was suppose to rain, I looked at Liere's collection of umbrellas but decided against borrowing one. I even walked into a store that was selling those and ponchos but didn't purchase any anti-wet supplies.  These would be two decisions that I would regret about an hour later. I paid my 3.50 euro and climbed to the top of the aquarium. The view was pretty good for the race, but I had time to kill, and no allegiance to any team- so I wandered further up the hill.  Up there I found where everyone in my age bracket was enjoying a some beer and tapas.  I hung around just long enough for the clouds to open up and I got soaked. It was quite windy there, so the rain was coming in every direction.  Everyone scrambled under umbrellad or trees.  Not having an umbrealla I too ran into the shrubs in hopes of some relief.  There wasn't much but I saw one of the heats row by before giving up and walking back to the apartment.

The boat launch & a team whose colors are hot pink with a skull and oars? I do have a favorite team.

My rain shelter
I enjoyed my lazy quiet weekend especialy with the jet-lag and weather, but I am very much looking forward to starting classes tomorrow and meeting new people.

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