Friday, September 23, 2011

Then end of the beginning.

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.- Sir Winston Churchill
The end of the beginning is nearing.  This past Wednesday was Jule's last night before she returns to uni.  In typical fashion, we went out and dominated.  To be honest, I shouldn't have been out at all. Definitely not drinking and most certainly not until 3am.  I've been sick, but I couldn't bear to miss out, so I soldiered on and met up with my favorite German girls at our usual pintxo place in parte viaje.  We met a nice aussie guy, whose name could be anything from Jap to Pat (no one is entirely sure of his name) who ended up joining us for a bit. He had met some older Aussies who also joined us for a few drinks.  The "adult" Aussies (53 and 61 years old)  started to buy rounds of shots.  And to be fair, what traveler says no to free shots.

We then left to go to a dance club and ended up somewhere that was surprisingly not Ezpala but equally as fun.  Several of my classmates were there and we enjoyed dancing at some point, I decided to tell the adult Aussies (who were brother and sister) that Josha was my younger brother from Holland.  We got a huge kick out of it and telling everyone that we were related. By 3ish, I was tired and it was time to go home.  I wasn't in as bad of shape as my new Australian mom, but close.

Needless to say, I woke up on Thursday VERY sick no tengo resaca but legitimately sick.  The alcohol and lack of sleep does not help sinus infections, unfortunately.  I therefore spent my entire day sleeping and attempting to cure my illness through water and rest alone.  I did manage to rally in the evening to join up for Lena's second to last night I stuck to drinking coke-cola and was home in bed at a reasonable hour (1am).

This weekend, Lena will leave and I will be the last one remaining from the original group. I've felt very comfortable with my little group and now I will be forced back out of my comfort zone (as if traveling alone in Spain is super normal for me.)

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