Sunday, September 18, 2011

Surfing and France

It's hard to believe I've already been in Spain for almost 3 weeks.  This week I attempted to surf, but really only walked away with a bunch of bruises.  I did manage to finally stand up which is not something I have been successful with the past 2 times I have tried to learn.  I may rent a board this week and try again (but probably not.)

On Thursday, for Simons last night we went out with several other Lacunza students and ended up at Ezpala and closed the club once again.  I accidently over slept on Friday and missed my first class, but I managed to suffer through my second class.  I am far to old to be partying that late anymore.

Jule, Lena and I went to a movie at the San Sebastian Film Festival on Friday evening.  The movie we chose was Bonsai.  It wasn't great, but interesting- it was in Spanish and thankfully with English subtitles.  It was quite interesting to be apart of the festival.  Lena and I have plans to go again on Monday night to see another film titled Albert Nobbs.

The weather was quite nasty this weekend, so I spent most of my day reading and napping until meeting up with Xabi,  a guy I had met Thursday evening.  We hung out for a few hours before he left for work and had a lot of fun chatting.  Thankfully his English is quite good, because all I was capable of doing was list the clothing I was wearing and the furniture in the room.  At some point maybe I'll learn more, but for now I am far better at writing and reading it than listening and speaking.

Despite the weather being terrible again today (sunday)  Lena, Jule and I went to Hendaye France.  The weather was a bit better, but not fantastic.  We walked along the Baie de Chingoudy before finding the beach.  There were lots of kite and wind surfers, which looks incredibly hard but very fun.  We enjoyed some cafe and crepes while people watching for a bit.  Jule left early to head back for another movie and Lena and I wandered around the beach.  We walked through the little town before walking back to the train to San Sebastian. I considered going for a run, but my bed seemed like a better option with the chilly and rainy weather.  But this week I will get serious about running once again. And eating vegetables !  I finally fought some veggies for a salad as a break from all the meat and bread I've been eating these past two weeks.
Baie de Chingoudy

checking to see if anyone is home....

jumping in France

new beach and travel bag from France :)

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