Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I did it!!!!  I finally got up before class and went for a run.  Mind you, I did hit snooze once and then continued to lay in bed for 45 minutes before finally getting up and going out.  Thankfully I had given myself plenty of time for such a move so I was able to get in the 2 miles I wanted.  I'm still struggling with some body aches.  No pain, just overall stiffness and ache-ness.  I'm not entirely sure if its the brick/tile/cobblestone walkways or the rock of a futon I've been sleeping on, but my body aches. I shuffled along for the first mile, stopped and spent a few minutes actually stretching and trying to loosen up which seemed to just make my body feel more exhausted for the first .5 back towards the apartment.  The last .5 however, I felt pretty good.  I started to find my stride and had time permitted, I could have continued.

I realized that I missed my long run yesterday, so I'm trying to devise a way to get it in this week along with classes and surf school.  Rough life, I know but somehow I will make it work!


  1. i dont think i ran once while my month in Spain...it was. so.hot.

    so awesome lady!!!!