Friday, September 2, 2011

European Body Image

 I started off running along the boardwalk, which was incredibly painful , but still better than yesterdays run.  I had intended to run 5 miles, but the loop that I ran ended up only being 2.89 ( my sense of distance is not great)  and I was pretty low on motivation to keep running.  I'll need to get an earlier start tomorrow if I think I am going to realistically run 8 miles.

The beach is gorgeous.  Europeans (broad generalization I know) have a much more positive self body image of themselves than Americans.  Men are often wearing shorter shorts, spandex briefs and speedos (regardless if they should be!)  and the women seem to all wear bikini's none of those tankini's or skirt bottoms.  These women don't hide themselves, which I find very admirable.  Many of these women also choose to be topless and will hang on the beach with no concern.  I wonder where Americans developed such a complex about nudity. Regardless I love the confidence, sure some of these women probably still have doubts and have parts of their body that they don't love but its the way they carry themselves that make it awesome, its all about confidence and faking it until you make it.  I feel quite comfortable with my body but I'm not at the point where I'll be topless on the beach but maybe before I leave I'll give it a try.

view of the bay from south end

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