Sunday, September 11, 2011


The way my language school is designed is quite similar to a sleep-away summer camp. Some people come for 1 week, others for longer.  It's amazing how quickly connections can be made with perfect strangers within one week.  On Thursday we went to Ezpalda which is a bar on the first floor and below a dance club.  There were lots of other Lacunza students there, so it was nice to see familiar faces. The music was fun and we all lost track of time and ended up closing the bar.  On Friday we took a road trip to Bilboa.  We had no real plans or maps but managed to find our way into the city.  We parked and then walked along the river towards the Guggenheim Museum.  We stopped at the first restaurant we found that had locals sitting around and enjoyed the menu del dia.  It was a delicious 3 course meal for 12E.  

Winners of Friday's Stage in Bilboa
We knew that La Vuelta  (Bike tour of Spain) was finishing in Bilboa so we had asked our waiter where we could see it, as it turns out it was about a half a block from where we happen to have lunch.  We finished with perfect timing to walk to the 1km mark from the finish to watch the cyclist start to come in.  Some Basque riders won that day, which was very exciting since 1. we were in Basque country and 2. La Vuelta hasn't been in the Basque country in over 33 years because of threats of terror attacks.   After watching a handful more riders come in, we walked to the Guggenheim.  

No one in particular cared to go inside, we had all read that the outside was actually much more impressive than the collections inside.  We took photos of the building and happen to find a fountain that was asking for us to play in it as it was 35 (nearly 100) and quite hot.  After we made a significant mess of the area, we decided to start walking back towards the car and head out of Bilboa.  

Simon had the wonderful idea to stop at the grocery store and pick up some snacks for a picnic on the beach.  We ended up stopping along a quiet beach and enjoyed the tail end of the sunset while Simon and Jule surfed.  After we enjoyed some coke-cola and home made pintxos.  It was a fantastic way to finish out the day.

Our friends Rachel and Rob have both left our little slice of paradise, so it will be interesting to see how the group dynamic changes.  There will be new students next week and surely new friendships made, but I think this week has left quite large shoes to fill.

week 1 lacunza friends


  1. oh my gosh...this brings me back to my summer in Valencia!

    i wish i would have been smart enough to enroll in a more intensive language course.. i was miserable for most of the time there!

  2. blogging this from the cube in dc!

    looks like such a blast!


  3. @rebecca- there's always time to do it again. I definitely recommend Lacunza here in San Sebastian, they do social events and the teachers are quite good. (and I'll be emailing you soonish for any tips you might have for Valencia ! )

    @ Ms. Chang I miss you & the cave but definitely not that phone. xoxoxo