Thursday, August 11, 2011

What do you do all day?

Many people know that I quit my job.  I am now on an extended summer vacation until I leave for Spain.  I often get asked what I do all day-  while it's not much, it certainly keeps me busy. 

wake up. check email on phone. walk downstairs, check email on computer, facebook, ebay seller, googledoc's training plan, nike+ (friend me! Xjcar!), blogger, stats, comments, and repeat. check games on words with friends (also xjcar) , play a few levels of airport mania, read library book ( Sex Lives of Cannibals), yoga @ymca, run a mile, work on a puzzle, clean the house, eat, think about blogging, check facebook, run again, eat again, shower, words with friends, sewing classes, travel planning, read, watch jeopardy, occasionally go out and be social, play a few more levels of airport mania and call it a day.

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