Monday, August 8, 2011

Longest run in 6 months. (fail)

Yesterday I ran the furthest I've run since February. But, to be completely honest, I didn't even run the entire distance.  I made a few rookie mistakes.  Although I've been running for a few years now, I was never much of a runner while living in Upstate NY, especially not in the humidity. Most of my early running days took place in the wonderful San Diego, where humidity is not a factor.  I had a dry mouth all morning, and tried to drink more water, but was definitely not appropriately hydrated before my run.

When I woke up it was cloudy and 77 degrees, beautiful running weather.  Rather than taking advantage of the weather, I sat around the house reading and playing airport mania on my iphone.  Finally around 11:30, I mustered up the motivation to get my run done.  By now, the clouds had burned off and it was a beautiful 85 degree day with close to 80% or higher humidity. ( now I know that seems like a slight breeze to anyone in more humid conditions but it's still not pleasant.)

I mapped out a 6 mile loop, that I hoped would have some shade, but it didn't have much.  Once I made it to 3 miles, I walked for .44 to allow my heart rate to slow down just a bit.  I was already very thirsty and now three miles away from home. Once I got running again, I felt okay until the last mile.  By then I started to get goosebumps, which I could only guess was not a good sign, so I stopped running.  I walked the remaining mile back to my parents house.

Obvious mistakes made that I will correct for next week's 6 miler
1. Not properly hydrating at least the day before my run Fix: Drink more water (duh)
2. Waiting until too late to get started - Fix:  wake up and run earlier ( I'm unemployed it shouldn't be that hard.)
3. Not running with water - Fix - Stash some small water bottles in the neighborhood before my run or bring back the camelback and water belt.  ( choices, choices)

All is well that ends well, so it's not a big deal that my first long run was a disaster.  It will just make crossing the finish line at the half & full more rewarding that I stuck the training out.

Here is the link for my training plan for the Goofy Challenge.  The first four weeks are pretty light, building up my endurance a bit before the more serious training starts.  I am by no means a professional, and have not ever completed Disney's goofy challenge, so I have no idea if this will work.  Use/Compare with caution.


  1. Oo are you for sure doing the Goofy Challenge? I think I'm going to do it next year as my first marathon (or at least that's the goal). Jessie said she'll do it again with me if so. We should try and do this together -

  2. Hey, this is Liz Feldkamp - I like your blog - I'm gonna start following it. Do you remember Tricia Realbuto? Well, her and I are attempting to train and run a half marathon (Pittsburgh in May) - we created a blog about it haha....

    Good luck on your race!