Sunday, August 21, 2011

life 1 running 0

I started last week off very strong, but then per usual, life got in the way of running.  This upcoming week however, I have nothing planned except for my runs.  I certainly will not complain for the amount of fun I've had. I drove out to Syracuse to visit with a few of my friends.  I started my trip off by having dinner with my friend Mikey.  We went to a sushi place in Fayetteville where Mikey had sushi for the first time.  It was also the first time Mikey and I had ever really gone out without the rest of our friends ( once I went to his house for a few hours) so it was nice to spend time with him.  After I went over to my friend Maries house and spent the night hanging out with one of my college roommates and catching up.

In the morning, I was able to get myself to go for a quick mile run before Marie and I met up with another friend from college for a walk along Onieda Lake.  We all enjoyed a little gossip and some exercise.  Later that evening, I met up with my other college friend Matt to be a substitute on his kickball team.  I was nervous about being a liability, but got lucky when I made a clutch catch and prevented the other team from scoring on us. After, we met up with a few other LMC alums at Colemans for a block party.   The following morning, my goal was to run 5 miles, but after running the loop around the college campus ( a run i did regularly in college) my legs were completely trashed and caused me to shorten the run in half.  My hometown's Iroquois name means great plain (meaning flat.)  So the hills on the heights in Syracuse were a shock to my quads.   I grabbed an early breakfast with a friend before finally driving back to my parents house.

I spent Saturday lounging in a tube while floating down the Battenkill River. I wish I had pictures, but I have a terrible track record with electronics and bodies of water.  The river was fantastic.  We were the first group of tubers to head down the river - it was so peaceful. The company I went with were great too, I only know my college roommate Amy and her fiance Rory- but their friends were so nice, I had a really great time hanging out with them.  I truly do love upstate NY in the summer.  I just wish the winters weren't as hard.  To top off an awesome day, I went over to my friend Julie's house and hung out while her boyfriend had a boys night.  

I had great intentions of running 5-6 miles today.  But that would have meant to wake up around 5-6am before taking my cousin for breakfast and babysitting her for the day.  I am not particularly a morning person so I slept until 7:30 before a fun filled day with my cousin. We went to Friendly's breakfast, watched a movie, made boondoggle keychains, went to lunch, saw Spy Kids 2, and called it a day.  It was nice to spend time with my cousin but by the time she left, running was no longer an option.  This upcoming week is the first official week of training for the goofy challenge.  Aside from packing for Spain, I don't have anything else planned.  Hopefully I will be able to get off to a strong start before leaving for my travels.

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